Resolute Bay NU Power Generation System, SRI International

Wildy is responsible to provide Building Operation and Maintenance services and Engineering Support to SRI International.

SRI International acts as an independent, nonprofit research institute with an extensive legacy of supporting government and industry.

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The Resolute Bay Observatory is the US National Science Foundation's research station. Operated by SRI International, this observatory is home to the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Resolute Bay Incoherent Scatter Radar.

These twin radars point in opposite directions, RISR-N to the North and RISR-C to the South. RISR-N is owned by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and operated by SRI International under cooperative agreement AGS-1840962.

Together, these radars provide meticulously detailed measurements of ionospheric parameters across a vast region of our sky. 

This information is collected and used to study the coupling between our space environment and the upper atmosphere of the earth.


For 75 years, SRI has led the discovery and design of ground-breaking products, technologies and industries – collaborating across technical and scientific disciplines to generate real innovation and create high value for our clients.
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Acting as an independent agency of the United States Government, the NSF supports fundamental research and education pertaining to all non-medical fields of science and engineering. 

RISR-C is owned and operated by the University of Calgary. Both RISR-N and RISR-C currently rely on a 1 MW generator owned by the University of Calgary to perform observations above 4% duty cycle (the instrument is capable of 10% duty cycle).

In 2018 a second, much smaller, 165 kW (continuous) generator was installed to facilitate RISR-N (only) observations below 4% duty cycle. This project will replace the 1 MW generator and connect both radars to a common bus. The replacement system will be a modern, remotely operable system capable of supporting radar observations between a 4% and 10% duty cycle.

Wildy Enterprises is responsible for providing engineering support for the Canadian face of the Resolute Bay Incoherent Scatter Radar.